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Kelly Xi Benthos of the Synthetic Suns.jpg
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What collaborators, what ecological networks will be found 

in these new metabolisms

Kelly Xi Benthos install.jpg

Kelly Xi, Benthos of the Synthetic Suns, SAIC Galleries, 2023.

Kelly Xi steppes the windsweptwastes.jpg
Kelly Xi Castroduperly BENTHOS.jpg

searching the sparse pitch of expanse.

Benthos performed by Kelly Xi and Castroduperly at Techtonique. Photo courtesy of Kevin Briggs.

Kelly Xi Soil a living chimera.jpg

Soil, a living chimera, SAIC Galleries, 2023.

Steppes the windswept wastes, 2023.


Photic Exoskeletons, 2022.

Kelly Xi, Benthos of the Synthetic Suns, Photo courtesy of Eugene Tang.

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