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Agata Surma | Haicheng Lin | Hector Guillen | Jen Grygiel | Kelly Xi

On View: Sept 28th - Sept 30th

Reception + Live Performance: Sept 29th, 2017 | 5PM, 9PM


Genetic, memetic patterns Deconstructing intimacy

New Media curatorial program is excited to present at Bushwick Open Studios, ‘Relixx’ a group exhibition bringing together the works of five artists in the interface of an experiential installation.

We are all artist-technologists grappling with the drawbacks that technological interfaces present in our personal relationships.


In contemporary life we curate for ourselves this community of like-minded / kindred spirits —a subconscious act which reinforces and validates ourselves within essentially, a generative echo chamber.


We are the architects of this house of mirrors for us to gaze at our own reflections.
Among the unintended consequence of most grave concern, is general dehumanization— whereby we begin viewing / treating others, less as the human (agency-empowered and fault-prone) individuals they are, but as reflective surfaces for our own desperate light.


This behavior threatens the biodiversity of discourse and our overall capacity for empathy.

The adverse socio-political stakes were most painfully apparent following the last election fallout’s indelible entanglement with unscrupulous social media platforms, and commensal with the patterns with which we consume information today.


The aim is to encourage us to take accountability for our narcissistic behavior encouraged by applications designed to prey on + profit from our most base instincts.

‘Relixx’ establishes a critique whereby we acknowledge this is the organism / machinations in which the individual is a function of—a small organelle or a piece of substrate, if you will—to hold transparent discourse outside patterns of introspective self-defeat.


Project yourself through the life-scale portals of Haicheng Lin's inward landscapes 
expressing isolation, doleful introspection, and self-consciousness. 40+ ceramic glazed tits cluster and populate the install, mutating and multiplying. In a metastatic overload, artist Agata Surma has objectified patterns of consumption of human information, in reference to tumorigenic instruction encoded in her maternally-inherited set of DNA. Hector Guillen’s skull installations invoke the existential and macabre, while interlacing intricate connections from relics of the deceased, resuscitated into fractals of a mural.


An immersive projection-mapped environment coalesces around sculptures, remixing repurposed materials, CGI prints, and ambient generative art. All are invited to the Saturday reception 9pm, when we will stage a nighttime performance of Tinder IRL with the conceptual artist Jen Grygiel's flesh as canvas. 

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Day Studio Hours:
noon- 6pm

Saturday Performance 9pm

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